How to Choose the Right Point of View Writing


The point of view of any story is the perspective in which a story is told. You may choose to tell your story in various perspectives like the first, second and third person perspective. The point of view is the reflection of the opinions of an individual from real life .In literature, the point of view is the mode of the narration that an author will employ   letting the readers see or hear what takes place in a poem, story or essay. When you chose to write a story in the first point of view, you need to look for a website for instance the Now Novel for example that sheds light on how to go about writing for different types of point of view.

This is because the point of view lets your reader’s sees everything as a character and the narrator feels and experiences from your perspective. The point of view enables the readers to empathize with the characters and well understand their desires and motives. However, the point of view can at times be impartial. This means that it can be a fly on the wall that reports the characters experiences and not getting involved. There are three major examples of point of view writing which are the first person, second and third point of view.

If you are looking to narrate a story in the first person point of view this allows you to give us glimpse into your real inner feelings and the frustrations of the character. To learn more about first point of view you can visit a site like the Now Novel for example and you can click here and get started on how to perfect first point of view writing. First point of view uses the pronoun ‘I’ and this is common in novels that are written as fictional biographies. To get more examples and get a clear picture of first point of view examples check the Now Novel for example homepage and gather more info. In the second point of view narration you are telling the story as though the reader is the viewpoint character while using the second person pronunciation ‘you’.  Read more about POV at

At this website of Now Novel, you get an insight of definitions and examples of writing for the point of view and where it is more applicable. In the third pointing view however, the author describes the characters actions like ‘he or she’ offering the readers a little distance away from the main characters of your story. To learn more about writing for point of view, visit a website like Now Novel and check it out! Read more from these pages.


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